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Fiber Craft Industries is providing fiberglass products reinforced plastic moulded products since 1985. It is pioneer setup of itís kind for polymeric composites.

Fiberglass based polymeric Composites are usually known as FRP or GRP. We are fabricating different type of composite products for industrial,

civil and many other engineering application; like light covers, gratings, fluid storage tanks, chemicals transfer pumps, live line working safety tools, switchgear operating rods, disconnecting sticks, ladders, and a vast range of customized products.

FCI produce best quality pipes and allied fittings up to and including 2400 mm diameter, presently.

McCLEAN ANDERSON is leading player in filament winding technology not only in USA but around globe, FCI pipe is fabricated by McCLEAN ANDERSONs filament winding equipment. Filament wound pipe proves excellent chemical & mechanical properties.

Plastic pipes can also be reinforced by

Fiberglass for transportation of high pressure corrosive fluids that need corrosion barrier other than GRP.

FCI pipe has comprehensive in house technical advisory service which includes on-site installation assistance or only technical services when required.

FCI pipe provide a unique combination strength, light, weight and corrosion resistance, which has established itís use as the most versatile piping system produced.


Before industrialization human being were livings in real environment friendly atmosphere. Even two decades ago we were not using as much synthesis in our daily  life as in present age it has become an essential component of our every day living. Soaps, shampoos, different types of detergents, different types of acidic & alkaline toilet cleaners, laundry and household cleaning agents, petrochemicals and solvents are used abundantly in our modern industrialized life style.

All of these chemicals have direct or indirect interaction with waterlines either these for drinking water for sewerage disposal. All of these chemicals and water itself cause corrosion.

Corrosion is a worldwide problem and it is major cause of aging to munciple infrastructure. And where an aging infrastructure is not a problems, it is generally because there is no infrastructure, or yet it remains to be constructed in many developing countries.

Concrete sewer pipes are rapidly deteriorated by the presence of sulfuric acid in a sanity sewer system which is generated through the hydrogen sulfide cycle. It is natural phenomena.

Mostly in cases of concrete & metallic pipe lines of  gravity flow sewers, especially in cases of low flow sewers, crown failure is experienced. Where as inbuilt corrosion resistant characteristics of FCI pipe prohibit such incidents.
Externally, Soil Conditions and stray electric currents slowly deteriorate underground metallic pipes. Metallic pipes can corrode when placed on properly aerate, poorly drained soils of low resistivity. the presence of sulfate reducing bacteria will accelerate this corrosion.

These problems can be significantly reduced, If not eliminated, by the careful selection of pipe linesí materials resistant to corrosion. Just think in advance about the consequences of  corrosion in the future. Remember corrosion is not a reversible process. The remedy to this situation is very simple; select a material immune to galvanic, electrotype and all sort of chemicals corrosion, FCI pipe is the ideal choice for water supply system. itís proven resistance to the acidic environment found in a sanitary sewer speakers well for itís use in waste water applications as well, in addition to pot water forced mains. In fact, GRP Pipe has been the material of choice in developed countries and most of Middle East sewers known to be the most aggressive in the world, since last many decades.